Discover the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Kits!
By Christopher B. McFarland, DDS, PLLC
January 22, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

Professional Teeth Whitening ResultsWhitening from your own home just got a professional makeover.

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments and it’s no surprise, as it’s a quick and easy way to improve your appearance and boost your confidence. If you aren’t satisfied with over-the-counter whitening products but you would prefer to whiten from the comfort of your own home, find out how our Tucson, AZ, dentist Dr. Christopher McFarland can help.

Our Tucson, AZ, cosmetic dentist also offers at-home whitening treatment.

Are professional whitening kits different from OTC whitening kits?

Yes! While they do work in the same manner there are two major differences,

  1. When you get at-home whitening kits from our Tucson, AZ, family dentist you will get a kit with custom-made whitening trays.
  2. The active ingredient within the gel that is used to break up and destroy stain molecules and whiten teeth is more highly concentrated in professional kits than commercial whitening kits.

What does this mean for you?

Well, custom whitening trays that are made to fit your teeth also means that you’ll get more even results. The trays you get over-the-counter offer a one-size-fits-most approach, which can move or shift around in your mouth if the trays are too large. This means that some teeth may turn out whiter than others. With custom trays, you’ll get more even results.

Secondly, the percentage of the active whitening ingredient is also important. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will get you a whiter smile faster, it does mean that you won’t have to leave the gel on your teeth for nearly as long as you would with commercial products before seeing results. You’ll begin to see visible changes in your smile after a week of continued use.

If you are interested in getting professional teeth whitening treatment in Tucson, AZ, then it’s time to call our dental office today to learn more about the whitening options we offer.